Stamped and Stenciled Panels

The panels are printed – stenciled and stamped – and are ready for slots to be cut so Kensington students and make their free-standing abstract sculpture!

Stenciling Patterns

Kirsten Reynolds assisting student with stenciling their pattern.

It’s always a surprise to see how many different patterns students create for this project!  They begin by sketching a simple shape which is transferred to stencil paper and then cut out to make the stencil.  After choosing their panel, they develop their design by deciding on a pattern repeat, color and their shape’s direction. […]

Post, 2019

Architectural installation, "Post," by Kirsten Reynolds with abstract paintings by Mari Rantanen.

Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT

An Event, 2017

Detail of the painted wood arcs and shadow in the installation, "An Event."

Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH